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  • SECRET WATERFALL TOUR: - Easy flat hike to one of the most beautiful waterfalls is Jamaica. Can’t tell you where it is, because it’s a secret. Tour includes: Round-trip Transportation, guide through the banana fields
  • SPEAR FISHING: - Our boat will pick you up at the Blue Lagoon and your spear fishing guide will take you to where the fish are. If you’re a good hunter, you’ll have fish for dinner.Tour Includes: boat and captain, equipment and a master spear fisherman.
  • SAN SAN BEACH HORSEBACK RIDING PHOTO TOUR: - 15 minutes of bareback riding on the beach and in the ocean. Bring your camera! Tour Includes: Admission to the beach, guide with horse.
  • JUNGLE BEACH BAMBOO BONFIRE & DINNER: - Enjoy a sunset dinner on the famous Blue Lagoon and then sit back and watch and hear the sounds of a bamboo bonfire. Tour includes: Round-trip Transportation, Raft trip to beach, Bamboo Bonfire and Dinner (beverages not included). Call for menu!
  • SNORKEL TOUR: Great snorkeling off Monkey Island. Come and enjoy the beautiful reefs outside the Blue Lagoon. Tour Includes: Boat with captain and lifeguard.
  • SECRET CAVES OF PORT ANTONIO: The hike to this cave is only 10 minutes off the main road. This is a climbing tour so you need to be fit. Tour includes Round-trip Transportation, guided tour of the caves.
  • NIGHT CLUB NIGHT OUT: Come enjoy No Worries with the Locals at all the hot spots for drinking and dancing. Tour includes: Round trip-Transportation and escort.
  • BLUE MOUNTAIN BICYCLE TOUR: "Come Ride the Blues". Take a journey on the World's #1 Downhill Bicycle Tour. Featured in Vogue, Departure & Town & Country Magazine and seen on Discovery's Travel Channel. View the world famous Blue Mountain coffee plantations. All Downhill! Slow, no peddling trip. Tour includes Round-trip Transportation, Brunch & Lunch, Tour Guide, Bicycle and Equipment.
  • REACH FALLS: You've seen this place before! When the actor swims under the falls into a secret cave. That's Reach Falls. Mother Nature made this a natural movie set! Playboy, Cosmopolitan and Harper's have all brought their cameras here. Ask your guide about the secret 100 ft. Waterfall! Tour includes: Round-trip Transportation, Entrance Fee to Park, Guided Tour of Falls.
  • RIO GRANDE RAFTING: This is one way Errol Flynn use to party! Have Raft Races! We do it a lot slower. Sit back and enjoy the best scenery on the island. Your trip also includes a short walk up to Fox Falls, a 100 ft. waterfall. Tour Includes Round-trip Transportation, Raft for Two with Captain.
  • CALL 876 993-7777/ 848-1843 TO BOOK YOUR TOUR